Golden Wedding Anniversary

Eric Suryaatmadja Chandra, SH
(Chan Swie Liong)
Liem So Hong

50 Years of Marriage
Over 2.609 Weeks Together
18.263 Days of Bliss
438.312 Hours of Love
1 Blessed Family

3 Amazing Children

3 Wonderful Grandchildren

1000s of Laughs
Countless Happy Memories
A Never Ending Love Story

For 50 years they’ve walked through life hand-in-hand as husband and wife. Their love is pure, timeless and true, so let’s celebrate the day they said “I Do.”

The 50th Wedding Anniversary


01 | 04 | 22

Misa Syukur


10 | 04 | 22

Pater Kees Van Dijk Ofm

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Eric Suryaatmadja Chandra, SH
(Chan Swie Liong)
Liem So Hong

1 April 2022

Your prayers and best wishes at this occasion will be highly appreciated

Our Regrads

Proud and Loving Children :

dr. Imelda Audry Chandra M. Biomed (AAM) & dr. Soehadi

Howard Evan Chandra, SH., SE & Ir. Leidy Magrid Rompas, ST, MT.

Junot Calvin Chandra, A.Md.T.A., S.H., M.Kn.

Grandchildren :

Andrew Faustine Hadiputra
Regina Felicia Hadiputri
Alessa Aurora Chandra